Réseau Vrac

Course content

This course is designed to help organic retailers with a packaging-free section to run their businesses in compliance with French and European regulations governing food and non-food goods sold loose.
It is intended to help retailers develop the packaging-free part of their business.
Participants learn how to manage product traceability, ensure hygiene and safeguard customer health and safety.

Overall aims

To be able to organise and manage packaging-free retail of foodstuffs, detergents and cosmetics while upholding the required standards of hygiene.

By the end of the course participants should be able to

  • Follow the rules and guidelines contained in the Legal Handbook for the packaging-free sector drafted by Packaging-free Network.
  • Correct any bad habits, especially with regard to auditor’s reports.
  • Determine and counter the risks and dangers of sub-standard hygiene in a packaging-free retail environment. Implement best hygiene practices in each stage of the self-service packaging-free sales cycle, from goods reception to purchase point.
  • Incorporate and implement elements of the HACCP system and train staff.
  • Manage the traceability of food and non-food goods.

Teaching methods

  • Participative methods
  • Alternation between theory, methodology and practice
  • Case studies and group work


  • Prerequisite : none.
  • Sessions require a minimum of 6 participants (12 maximum)
  • Retailers belonging to a chain that is a member of Packaging-free Network should contact us to register.
  • Courses are open to Packaging-free Network members only.
    To register, please sign in or join the association.