Réseau Vrac

Course content

This course is designed to help retailers run their businesses in compliance with French and European regulations governing food and non-food goods sold loose.

Overall aim

Be familiar with the legal framework of the packaging-free retail sector and how best to comply with French and European regulations, ensuring trusting relations with suppliers, customers and authorities.

By the end of the course participants should be able to

  • Follow the rules and guidelines contained in the Legal Handbook for the packaging-free sector
  • Safeguard contractual relations with suppliers
  • Uphold their obligations to customers
  • Prepare for an audit by the relevant authorities

Teaching methods

  • Participative methods
  • Alternation between theory, methodology and practice
  • Case studies and group work


  • Prerequisite : having read the Legal Handbook available in the Document Library of your member area
  • Sessions require a minimum of 6 participants (12 maximum)
  • Courses are open to Packaging-free Network members only.
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