Réseau Vrac

Course content

Thanks to personal coaching, retailers receive guidance in setting up or developing their business.

Who is coaching for ?

Prospective retailers who have already followed the “Opening a packaging-free shop” training course and established retailers.

What is covered ?

Future retailers

Coaching covers all aspects of starting a packing-free retail business. There are so many unknowns when setting up a business. Where do I start ? Do I need a business partner ? Do I pay myself a salary ? Have I got the right product range for my target market ? What’s the time frame ? What makes a successful crowdfunding campaign ? How do I set up social media accounts ?

Established retailers

Coaching helps retailers expand their business, increase average spend, decide whether to hire staff, the best time to open another shop etc.

How does it happen ?

First, we set up a call to assess requirements, draw up a quote and a timetable.

After that, conversations are via videoconferencing or telephone. Each session lasts 1 hour. Where necessary and where possible, the course my include one or two store visits.

The trainer

Bertile Lecomte founded La Bonne Pioche in 2016. The grocery in Grenoble employs 3 people. Bertile began her working life as a consultant and coach to start-up owners. She graduated in management with a specialisation in entrepreneurship, and business development consultancy.