Réseau Vrac

Course content

This course is for anyone intending to open a packaging-free shop, at whatever stage of the project. We address the issues involved in entering a new profession and a new market, as a packaging-free retailer.
Trainees learn basic retail skills and grounding in the stages of opening a shop from the market study to product range, merchandising, labelling, pricing and margins, stock management, marketing plans, the business plan and scheduling.

Overall aim

To have a clear idea of what opening a shop entails and to identify the steps involved, including the legal obligations for opening and running a packaging-free outlet.

By the end of the course participants should be able to

  • Assess their ability and motivation to become a packaging-free specialist
  • Transform an idea into an action plan and make the necessary decisions to set the project in motion
  • Show understanding of the legal aspects of packaging-free retail
  • Demonstrate a firm grasp of the technical, organisation and commercial aspects of packaging-free retail
  • Define a product offer
  • Draw up an action plan

Teaching methods

  • Participative methods
  • Alternation between theory, methodology and practice
  • Case studies and group work


  • Methodology guides
  • Training certificate
  • A study on Packaging-Free retails


  • Prerequisite : none
  • Courses are open to Packaging-free Network members only.
  • Sessions require a minimum of 6 participants (12 maximum)