Réseau Vrac

Course content

This course is for prospective retailers, shop managers and section managers. It addresses issues specifically related to packaging-free retail of fresh produce, fruit and vegetables, according to the HACCP system and food safety control and offers suitable procedures and documents to perform the relevant HACCP checks.

Overall aim

To acquire the skills required to manage, handle and sell refrigerated goods, fruit and vegetables in compliance with French and European hygiene regulations.

By the end of the course participants should be able to

  • Understand and implement the basic principles of perishable and ultra-perishable foodstuff retail (shelf life, temperature, stock rotation etc.)
  • Determine and counter the risks and dangers of sub-standard hygiene for this type of foodstuff.
  • Determine and implement risk-assessment measures for foodstuffs, from reception of goods to purchase by the consumer.
  • Determine and build a food safety control plan for their business.

Teaching methods

  • Participative methods
  • Alternation between theory, methodology and practice
  • Case studies and group work


  • Methodology guides
  • Training certificate


  • Prerequisite : Participants are required to have followed the course entitled “Best hygiene practices for packaging-free or self-service retail, mobile shops and/or online bulk sales (following the HACCP system)”
  • It is important to have a firm grasp of the HACCP system before attending this course. We strongly advise re-reading the guide on best hygiene practices.
  • Sessions require a minimum of 6 participants (12 maximum)
  • Courses are open to Packaging-free Network members only.
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